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Hotel Maritime


Room 58 is the perfect backdrop for this series of photographs, "Hotel Maritime # 58". If anything, hotel rooms have one thing in common: hundreds, if not thousands, of people will pass through over the years.

Could it be that Room 58 is itself, indeed, infused with the collective energy of the countless souls, who at some point occupied the space within these four walls? Does this hypothesis alter the way you perceive the scenes? Whose quintessence lingered in Room 58, to such an extent, as to influence the next guest? Can a fleeting moment in someone's life have a profound impact on the next person to follow in his/her footsteps? A butterfly flapping its wings on the other side of the world can, after all, produce a hurricane thousands of miles away... 

You too, dear voyeur, have the power to create.




Release in Paris of The Hotel Maritime Project - 2014

Music by Liesa van der AA.

Release of my expo at gallery MPV - 2014

This Box takes part of the Hotel Maritime #58 Story.
It leads you through the story and brings you into the same mood as I shot this serie as a voyeur .
Music composed by Liesa Van Der AA... 

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