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Popular in the late 19th Century, today the platinum print is often labeled as an “alternative process” for
its age as well as the rarity of its use. The printing involves a mixed liquid sensitizer made of a salt and
metal (in this case the metal being the expensive platinum) coated by hand on paper, then exposed with
a negative to UV light. These prints are known for their rich & wide tonal value, as well as the unique
nature of each individual print; no two prints can be exactly the same due to the method’s very manual
nature. Because of the chemical constitution of this printing process, platinum prints are the most archival
of any print .


Release of my expo at gallery MPV - 2014

Making Of Movie during shoot for the New Jaguar F-Type

Tania Romeo

The Piano

Suzanna Tsarina



Also available on Platinum Print ( Collectors Item )



Blind Date
Also available on Platinum Print ( Collectors Item )

Bonne The Face
available on Platinum Print ( Collectors Item )

Chesterfield Fun ( sepia version)

Ice Queen

Archival Pigment Print into diasec , framed in Massive Wengé Frame  + 600 Euro - 190x150cm